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  1. Hi! I am Nancy Soeurt, RPh and I am just getting started in the field of medical litigation consulting. I have a weakness however -- I am terrible at reading doctor's scribble. I would like to assemble a cadre of nurses upon whom I can call when I need help reading scribbled physician's orders and progress notes. This would be strictly prn work which could be done from home and I would pay $30/hr. I just need nurses who would be willing to read scribbled notes into a tape recorder. I would then transcribe the recorded rendition of the scribbled notes and orders into typewritten form and proceed with the review and summary of the chart, for which I was retained by an attorney. If anyone out there could help me, I would love to hear from you.

    Nancy Soeurt
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  3. by   CVSDnurse
    I sent a copy of this to my mom who works in a hospital in WI-I'll ask her to show it around to find someone to help you. The only problem I see is as a nurse, often I can't read the scribble either so a call to the doc for clairification is necessary and I'm not sure if that is an option for you. Good luck in your field, it is one that most nurses dream of when we are getting yelled at on the other end of the phone asking for the clarification!!