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  1. Let us just pretend I have no clue about the RN position, does anyone have a school they would recommend going to in order to gain an RN degree, I do have a associates in sociolgy but want to become a REGISTERED NURSE and everywhere I have looked and all the feedback I have gotten was more about my concerns on makeup restrictions then on schools to attend where I can complete an associate in RN - Nursing whatever it is called, I need the basic information to get into this career field. Can anyone help with going over the basics and how they did it? Please help time is not on my side to obtain a degree in this field and although that is what I want I know I can do other thing that help people and pay well with a 7.5 month time frame. I was told there were 3 different RN programs but wasn't told what they were, right now I want the basic to start working later I can upgrade my degree if I choose. Thank you in advance for your advice.
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  3. by   Katnip
    The three different RN programs:

    ADN/ASN-obtained from a community college. Usually 2 years after a year of prereq's

    Diploma program-obtained through hospital-based curriculum-usually 3 years long with some courses taken at a local college.

    BSN-obtained at a 4-year college or university-2 years after 2 years of prereq's unless you already have a bachelor's degree then you can shave off a semester or two with an accelerated program.

    I got my bachelor's, a second degree, although I took the traditional route because 21 credits a semester was just too much for me. Because we had moved after, I had to retake some prereq's that did not transfer, so it would have taken me the same amount of time for a bachelor's as an associate's. Once you have an RN in one of the other programs most, if not all bachelor's programs have an RN to BSN program. Each has different requirements and time-frames.

    The best route for you would be to look at schools that are near you or are the most economically feasible and research them. We can't really tell you what exactly you need to do because each school has different requirements.

    As for your previous post, the reason you probably got most feedback on the makeup question was because that was the most specific question you asked, and the easiest to answer.
  4. by   manna
    Find colleges in your area that have nursing programs and check with them about degree requirements.

    There are some colleges that offer accelerated nursing degrees to students with a previous BS, from my understanding they're pretty competitive to get into, the tuition is expensive, and they range in length from 12-18 mos.

    Good luck.
  5. by   steelwoman
    Thank you for the information, now I know where to start at. You have been very helpful.