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Im wondering has it affected your employment status. I know a few people mentioned the had criminal charges on their record and went to board and no problem. Does anyone now work in a hospital or a... Read More

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    thank you
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    What if a charge was expunged from your record by the court? Will it still be a problem in the future?
    If you're talking about licensing, the state of California requires that you report all convictions except traffic violations ... including expunged records.

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    Kids don't believe us when we tell them their mistakes when they are young can effect them the rest of their lives. But it is true. There's no promise the world will forgive and forget.
    So true ...

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    I was just wondering that if someone has a "founded" child abuse on their record whether that affects if they can get a nursing license or if it would jeopardize where they could get a job? I am taking all my required classes right now for my RN and I really hate to spend the next few years of my life going for my dream only to be turned down when I get all the way through school. I have done a few google searches on the web and came up empty. I am just wondering if there is anyone out there that can help me? Greatly appreciated!
    You really have to talk to your BON. Only they can tell you whether you can be licensed or not. Don't go through all of the hassle of school just to find out you won't be licensed anyway. There have been people with DUI's who've been denied licensure so ... my guess is that with a child abuse charge, you probably would not be licensed.

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