Question about peer review and JCAHO...

  1. At the beginning of January our manager handed us another piece of paper to complete. This time it is for "peer review." This paper list 3 areas of nursing practice that we are suppose to have a nursing peer review and sign off that we are competent in that area. The areas listed are: 1) IV starts 2) Wound documentation and 3) Pediatric IM administration....

    I brought up the fact that we have an annual skills check off day, plus an orientation sheet when we first hire in, plus our mandatory inservice day that covers all the required stuff...but our boss says that isn't enough. She says that JCAHO requires these "peer review" forms for our files. Anyone else doing this?
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  3. by   researchrabbit
    We have been told we have to do them too...but we are working from nothing at this point and have only identified a few things we will have to check off on. I know there will be more. SIGH.
  4. by   deespoohbear
    The thing that gets me is that most of my co-workers have watched me start IV's, and I have watched them do the same. And the wound documentation and the ped IM administration. I thought I saw on the JCAHO website that one of their goals was to streamline the mounds of paperwork that we are required to fill out in triplicate....well, it sounds like they are off to a lovely start!!!!