question about mandated reporting

  1. i am not a nurse (yet) but i do have a question. i am asking what you as a mandated reporter would think of this situation. ie. reportable or not.

    17 year old girl in high school spends time with a teacher getting extra help on a project before school. this girl is going through a difficult emotional time. male teacher gives hugs. one time kisses her, not through any sort of physical coersion. that is where it ends.

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  3. by   kessadawn
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    Seems to me that teacher took advantage of that young lady's vulnurability. Kissed her!!!???:angryfire
    He needs to be reported. Immediately. End of story.
  4. by   TallGirlAni
    If you are working at a hospital and your 17 year old patient told you this, then you should look up your hospital policies about what is mandatable to report to authorites. If you report this and it is something that is not mandatable to report, then you will be violating patient confidentiality and HIPPA. This is something that you have to be careful with and I would go to my manager, as well. If you are a student, then your instructor should know about this. I am not familiar with your hospital's policies or your state's guidelines. I am not sure if this an ethical problem or a legal one. Tread carefully with this one so that it does not come back to bite you.
  5. by   Otessa
    NOT a good idea on the teacher's part-does that teacher have NO boundaries????