Question about differentials

  1. Talking to the HR person at the hospital where I'll be working she said that new RN's get 10% differentials for 2nd shift and 12% for nights. I thought there were only 2 shifts 7p-7a and vice versa. Is she talking about evening shift and then night shift? If so, how are yours categorized...ex: 7p-midnight= evenings and midnight to 7am =nights??

    Just curious, guess I'm confused by her wording.
    Thanks in advance!:spin:
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  3. by   classicdame
    You are right, the wording is confusing. It is a throwback to when we all worked 8 hr shifts. The 1st shift is straight pay (assuming no overtime has been earned). If you work any part of the 2nd shift (3-11 p.m.) you get 10% extra for those hours. If you work any part of the 3rd shift (11-7 a.m.) you get 12% extra for those hours. The differentials can mean several hundred dollars extra each month. Some facilities will even pay extra for weekends, or extra if you work more than 12 hours of a weekend. These are all bargaining points when you request salary information.
  4. by   SoulShine75
    Thanks for clarifying! I do believe she said a couple of extra dollars were added for weekends, but forgot until just now.
    Much thanks!