Psycho DON's Part 2

  1. First of all - thanks to all who replied (esp Youda). The sites you posted were very informative. Apparently psycho DON's are a widespread phenomenon! My particular DON admitted to being abused by her mother as a child, so now it comes as no surprise to me why she treats her staff so abusively.As for me, I've decided to hit the bricks.....I'm giving my notice. Thanks again to all - this site is a lifesaver!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   Youda
    I found those website links when I was going through a real rough time and trying to understand why I was being treated so bad. They helped me understand that it wasn't me. Glad they could help you, too! Good luck to you! Hope you find a job you enjoy and appreciates having a good nurse.
  4. by   VickyRN
    One of the most ruthless and sociopathic CEO's that I ever had the misfortune of meeting was an MBA-RN (in NAME only...) who nearly destroyed (single-handedly) a beautiful little rural hospital in the eastern part of my state. I swear, this lady was so demonically evil, that she would send chills down your spine when you passed her in the hall. She had eyes, but no soul.... To make matters worse, she was always smiling and when she smiled, it was a plastic smile, very much like a mannikin in a store window. She would slit your throat in a minute and never look back. I have never in my life met a person who was so without conscience and so very calculating and dangerous.
  5. by   JonRN
    Sounds like my ex-wife.
  6. by   Youda
    The job that I'm on a LOA from (and probably won't go back) was like that, too. It was such a caring, supportive, team oriented LTC facility. The DON was the most wonderful person/nurse I'd ever been around, she never reprimanded, but also encouraged the best in people. She, literally, changed people's lives. (Am I gushing?)

    Then they hired the demon from heck as an administrator. Within 6 weeks, the demon had fired the DON, most of the staff had walked out . . . within another couple of weeks, the place had gotten two "J" tags from state (immediate jeopardy or actual harm tags). She reported FOUR nurses to the SBON, for nothing! She falsified (it has been proven) drug tests to get rid of others! She hired department heads that were just as viscious and demonic . . . nurses taking early retirement, shifts starting and no one showing up to work it, nurses taking sick leaves and LOAs . . .

    I know firsthand that your experience was exactly right. I've seen it happen, too. And, boy! Do I ever know that plastic smile. Psychotic sociopaths!