Post-LPN BN in BC/ Canada?

  1. Anyone know of any distance or online education courses that enable a LPN in BC to earn a BN?

    I would like to continue my education, especially as I feel like nothing more as a care aid (not that being a care aid is a bad thing, but I upgraded from care aid to LPN for different challenges, ya know?). Almost none of the new skills I learned in school are utilised up here in Nothern BC. VERY frustrating.

    I checked out Athabasca U, but it only enables registration in Alberta, not BC, as far as I am aware of, any ways. And you have to hold licensure in Alberta, which I don't (BC).

    I'd prefer distance/online courses just b/c I would prefer not to move again (I just moved here to Terrace 7 months ago). I don't mind travelling for labs/ practicums, as I would probably have to since I'm chosing this sort of education.

    I emailed the CRNBC askign which courses of this nature they have approved or reviewed, and no one has responded, and I've written twice (this does not impress me). But then again, maybe they don't approve of distance learning, since I saw no schools of this nature on their list of educators.

    ANY help is GREATLY appreciated!!!

    Thank you!
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