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  1. I'm 7 months post vaginal hysterectomy (still have my ovaries) and I'm still having pain in my lower right front abdominal area. After a long day I will swell and spot. I was treated for 2 months/once a week for granules. Dr gave up on me saying he'd never seen such persistant granules. Had biopsy, no ovary protrusion, had x-rays, no abnormalities, checked for hernia. Prior to hysterectomy, no bladder problems, now I have leakage, especially at end of day and at times have uncontrolable bladder with coughing or laughter. Is it my cervix being gone that causes this? All my friends that have had hysterectomies were partying after 3 weeks and I still think about surgery every day. Is there an end in sight for me? Any suggestions on what might be wrong and why I still hurt? Thanks for your help.
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  3. by   allevi
    I can only tell you my experience with hysterectomy. I had to have everything removed. When questioned about trying to keep one or both of my ovaries, they told me that they were the source of all the problems that I was having. If I had truly wanted to keep them I could have, but i did not want to end up in surgery later. I only felt bad for about 1 month. I also am not taking hormone replacement due to possible dvt formation in my legs. I am using soy, for relief of symtoms. I guess my best advice is to seek another opinion. My hysterectomy is the best thing that I ever did. Hope you get to feeling better.
  4. by   NurseLinda
    I had a lap hyst two years ago, leaving the ovaries so don't need hormone replacement (ONLY way I'd go), and after 7-10 days I was up and "back to snuff". Oh, I had a bladder tack done too. I own an internet based business from home and they told me NOT to go up stairs, but I felt great and my office was upstairs, so day TWO I was in the office for a few hours morning and evening. MY sincere thoughts are you need to consult another physician. Something just isn't right there hon. Don't keep suffering when there's no need.

    What lead you to have a hyst? I had fibroids and periods were hellish. The hyst with tack was the BEST thing I ever did for me!!

  5. by   Jacci59
    I have to agree withwhat the others have said. I had a vag hyst16 yrs ago, and they left my ovaries. I was up and going even back then within a couple of weeks with no problems. I would STRONGLY reccomend that you go somewhere for a second opinion. Somewhere that there are highly trained physicians with the most up to date information. I say this because I don't know if you live in an area like I do, but for decent medical care, I must travel 125 miles away, as where we live, there just is not the medical care that I wass used to before we moved back to this area. Most of the docs we have here seem to come here if they can't get a job elsewhere. there are some apparently good, but not enough that I want to have surgery here, or have any dire problem taken care of here.