Pondering the next move in my career and a few questions

  1. Over 12 years of nursing, I have applied to a local psych hospital 3 times. I finally get call back from HR wanting a 2nd interview. What goes on here? I don't recall ever having a 2nd interview with just HR. Now while psych will be a new experience (resume wise) I'm not just chomping at the bits to work in it. But I welcome every new opportunity to advance my mind and career.
    Having said this, I assume I have the position. The problem is the 4 opening are all night shifts and when I applied I was super needy of a job to survive. Childcare is my obstacle. Where it wasn't an issue when applying, it is now. The positions are 3 in a row 7p-7a. I am quite familiar with nights. So here's my questions...

    1. What will happen at the HR interview? How long does it take?
    2. If offered the position, is it polite to ask for time to get in order or confirm childcare to cover this shift?
    3.My SO makes great money to support us and our recent financial obstacles are controlled. Should I go for the spot if offered or play the waiting game on the 8-5 shift m-f to accommodate daycare facilities?
    4.From my research (no definite answer from the hospital), the pay is way off. Would it be worth it?
    5. What would be some appropriate questions I should ask besides the obvious?

    I am asking all this from experienced nurses in this predicament, managers, psych nurses, and of course HR folks. Psych isn't in my top 10 nursing interests. I had pressure when applying but don't object to a position of such. The kids get to me. My heart is soft and I don't want to be depressed about work, ya know. This hospital has pre-adol, adol, and adult units. The told me they called me due to my adult patient care background but just might have to float. The place is very close to home and overall seems ideal. However, I don't want to get into this job and be forced to resign due to childcare issues or wages. WDYT??? I am n open book and will be VERY open to ALL comments. Thanks ever so much
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  4. by   rksgray13
    Welp decided to go on the second interview and ponder a little more
  5. by   Meriwhen
    Set up and go on the interviews. After all, interviews in no way commit you to taking the job.

    Childcare: Start scouting out potential childcare NOW, before you even get to the job offer stage. That's because I honestly don't know how well asking for time to make childcare arrangements will go over with them. They may be willing to work with you...on the other hand, they may decide not to give you a lot of time, or they may just decide to give the job to someone who didn't verbalize any problems with childcare and can hit the ground running ASAP.

    Wages: lots of factors there: how far off is it from other facilities, how is the commute, the hours you will get, the benefits, experience working in a new specialty, etc. Also remember that while you are not a new nurse, you ARE a new psych nurse--your lack of psych experience can very well be a factor in your salary being less. Depending on your needs and goals, those factors make the tradeoff in income worth it. To be honest, I'd take a pay cut to work at the psych facility that I could walk to, than having to commute 20-30 minutes a day (which is often longer when I factor in CA traffic patterns).

    Best of luck!
  6. by   rksgray13
    Yes ma'am and thanks for the input. The job is only about 20 mintues from my home and a straight shot from the interstate compared to a 45 drive to the city where most work. Benefits look acceptable not outstanding. Nurses and former nurses seem unhappy with the environment but I make my own at my jobs. And the pay cut, if any, would make up in gas and such. I do hve a back up sitter (family) that could possibly help out while I scout more permanent accommodations.
    I decided to go on the interview and talk with them some more. I will ask for at least a day to give my decision. My husband and I weren't working at the time I applied and he was to stay with the children but he landed a job a day before my interview. Decisions, decisions..... I do love working and need to have my time.
    As far as my experience with psych, I have an agency that sends me to an ALF with a lock down floor. Dementia, alzhiemer's, etc patients. I have experience with home health and oncology so I did inform them that while this is not continuous daily interaction with any psych I was not a deer in the headlights.
    I will see how it goes. I never intended thi outcome but I got a wacky hand dealt to me. Oh and an extra tidbit, this facility is where I had my clinical rotations in nursing school.
  7. by   rksgray13
    Update: Was scheduling the interview, came across cponflicts. Director of HR called me and offered the position for the exact amount I thought they would. I was very up front with her about my childcare and I would call ASAP no later than Friday. She was very understanding and "that is just fine. Look forward to hearing back from you." So now it all relies on IF I can make it work. Oh and I will Charge on the floor!