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hey guys, I need some of your expertise here.... auto immune disorders etc were never my strong suit in school, I muddled thru like many of us did but didnt care too much about all of it until now..... Read More

  1. by   hapeewendy
    you guys are the bestest :P
    *hugs all around*
    thanks for all the informative, yet not overwhleming information , and the support
    sometimes its nice to have a place where people can emphathize with you , as opposed to just giving out sympathy, like ohhhh you pooooooor thing
    honestly If I could get my pic on here as my avatar you would see that a.I really am happy
    and b.look healthy
    its just weird how this all happend, I was put off by a dr saying I just had a virus yadda yadda etc
    oh well, there goes my big run for healthiest woman in canada (hah I woulda NEVER got it anyway, I am far from complete health)

    once again ur all great!


    ps micro - my sassy friend I love you baaaaaaaaaaaack! ok thats enough emotion for now
  2. by   hapeewendy
    ohmygoodness I just read my last post and The themesong for cheers just ran thru my head!

    sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name
    la la la la
    and theyre always glad you came
    la la la
    do do do forget the rest but thats what this reminds me of
    you guys are my cliffs and norms!

    edited because I felt I needed one more la on the first part
    and due to my poor spellering
  3. by   micro
    .....and you will see people are all the same........and everybody knows your name.......