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  1. I'm a student nurse and would like to help my friend who has got some sort of disease but she can't remember the name. Does anyone know what the name of this disease is: it lines the outside of the blood vessels and causes pain (my friends syptoms are pain radiating from the knee to the hips and starting in the hand, she can't sleep at night with pain and has to keep moving in the day or she seizes up).
    She's on diaphene but doesn't find it any help. Plus one of our friends, her best friend is having his 21st saturday and she wants to drink. (She does not normally drink but i think she wants to escape and forget for a night. She's usually very happy person but she's very down even though she's trying not to show it). I told her she can't since she's on diaphene but she says she going to go off it for the night. I have told her she shouldn't do that either.
    As i'm only 2nd year student nurse i'm not all that familiar with the side effects of drugs. I know diaphene is a strong drug. Does anyone know how i can educate her on the drug and convince her not to do it. It's harder cause it's a friend and not a patient.
    I really could do with some help or advice on what the disease is? (If you ever heard of it, maybe symptoms too broad), any cure for it? ([banana]Again if you have ever heard of it[/banana]) or how i prevent her drinking on diaphene or going off it for night? Any help would be much appreciated and thank you for taking the time to read my question.
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