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Hello, I am a new nursing student and eventually I want to be a WHNP. In order to do this though, I would like to gain some experience. I have tried to volunteer with OB/GYN offices and the... Read More

  1. by   crankyasanoldma
    I understand your mom's fears because of the politics involved, but PPH would be a great learning experience and a great place to work. Surely your mother knows of the many valuable services PPH provides?

    All my nursing career has been in women's health. I love the field and won't work any other.

    Our PPH has not had opeinings when I've applied. One of the very best NP's I ever worked with worked at PPH prior ot working at the clinic where I was at the time.

    My current job has a very nice patient population- they are educated, compliant, insured, etc. I love the job but sometimes feel a pang of guilt because I know my services are valued at my current place, but needed somewhere else.

    Try it!!
  2. by   nurseshanti
    Quote from colleen10
    I too am interested in women's health and what Planned Parenthood has to offer but I never thought to ask about volunteering there.

    Can anyone tell me what types of experience you can get by volunteering at a PP, what you can do?

    I think it depends on what services the PP offers and what type of volunteer program they have running. At the one where I volunteered they had 2 volunteer positions. There was a clinic position which involved labelling specimens and making sure the lab req was with them and properly filled out, cleaning/preparing rooms between patients, re-stocking supplies, bringing patients down to the rooms, and a lot of filing/pulling charts. The phone position basically involved answering phones, booking appointments, putting together packets of education materials, and greeting patients who came for their appointments or drop-ins. Oh, and putting together ECP packages. I believe that some other clinics have volunteer programs that are more extensive (such as doing sex-ed presentations, etc., which I only did when I was a paid intern there).

    The atmosphere and everyone who worked there was what made it so much of a great experience though. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in that type of nursing!
  3. by   rhiannonwolf
    Thank you to everyone's responses on this thread! I am excited because I decided just to go for it. I already talked to the head of PP where I live and they are excited that I want to volunteer. I begin this week! My mom, who is also conservative, is not happy; but she'll just have to deal with it!