Physiology Textbook That I Can UNDERSTAND

  1. Can you recommend one to me? Need one that is fairly readable and easy to understand (if such an animal exists). Dropped out of my physiology class years ago because the textbook was SOOO technical that I could not understand it. Taking physiology again in the fall so I need a supplement to help me get through. BTW, if you have a good used book that meets the criteria that you would like to sell, please PM me. Thanks!
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  3. by   georgia peaches
    This one is easy.
    By FAR the best I've ever seen/used - and I've had physiology and pathophysiology coursework at 2 different colleges that used this text.

    Human Physiology - by Vander, Sherman, Luciano.

    Here is a link to a description:

    And here are a bunch for sale via Amazon: (No, I don't have any affiliation with Amazon!)

    Physiology isn't an easy subject to really get a handle on, so it isn't exactly "light reading" - but I did feel that it explained everything very well if you took the time to read carefully.

    Hope this helps!

    p.s. I even bought the 8th edition for myself just for reference, and continue to use it regularly when I remember that I forgot something, or someone asks me a question that I can't answer!
  4. by   VickyRN
    Thanks for the info! My last textbook was the most complicated thing I had ever seen and I have not seen anything like it since It was sort of like reading each and every sentence in French or Spanish and then having to translate into common English--'What does this mean?' Very tedious, besides trying to learn all the complicated concepts.