physical for cna program?

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    I want to start a cna class. i understand that i need a physical exam before we start the clinical part of the class,but i don't have any insurance. i am willing to pay for the physical but if im correct blood work is expensive i cant pay for that and im not sure what vaccinations i would need for the class has anyone attended a class before and can tell me what vaccinations they needed to get? i don't want to start the program and then go to get a physical and find that i cant afford it and have to leave the class. any advice
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  3. by   Ardneth
    A lot of programs where you have hospital/LTC classes/clinicals you need proof of the childhood vaccinations; two doses MMR, recent tetanus booster (last 10 years), a lot require the Hep AB series and either the varicella vaccine or proof of having had chickenpox. Most suggest having a flu shot (you have to check to see if it's required for your program). Oh, and you will have to have a PPD (TB test).
    I don't think I missed any, but might have. Your best bet is to simply check with the program you are interested in. They will have a list of requirements and usually a form to be filled out by your doctor attesting that you received those vaccinations or had blood titers done to confirm antibodies for those.
  4. by   CariocaRN
    I don't know where you are located, but in NY the Department of Health has free clinics that provide free vaccinations needed for school. Except for the PPD test!! But if you need boosters, or the flu shot you can contact your local Dept. of Health and get it done for free.
    As far as paying for the blood test, maybe you can try to work something out with your doctor? Maybe a payment plan? Or you can google affordable labs in your area.
    Good luck!
  5. by   Black Jade
    As mentioned by Ardneth, you need to have those immunizations prior to entering any nursing program. You can get titers to see if you are immune to Hep B, MMR and varicella. You will need three series of Hep B and two series of both MMR and varicella if you lack immunity. Td has to be current within 10 years. I would suggest that you go to a community clinic where you can get a discounted rate for physicals, immunizations and blood tests. Vaccinations are very expensive. I don't know where you live, but TB tests cost about $7 in Public Health Departments. You can also go to a CVS minuteclinic where they charge about $80 for a physical and blood tests may be included. Check with them first or your program may have better suggestions. Good luck!
  6. by   Misterbig
    Wait one minute. You mean positively I must have the vaccines? What about religious exemptions? Where does the law stand on this?
  7. by   Ardneth
    Here's a thread on that very topic Misterbig:

    Short answer is yes, a school can force you. Since unlike K-12 where you are guarenteed by law an education, you are not guarenteed the right to go to nursing school or work in a hospital. That's the bigger reason, most hospital sites require them. If you can't meet the clinical requirements of the hospital, you can't pass clinicals. And hospitals do not have to make religious exemptions.

    See the article here at Vaccination Liberation Exemptions, a site/group against vaccinations. Their basic answer, yes, it's pretty much legal for an employer like a hospital to require you to get vaccinated without exception if they so wish:

    I know of a hospital that made flu shots mandatory last year for all employees that had patient contact. Either you got the flu shot (provided free by the hospital) or you had the opportunity to resign.

    Just wanted to provide the information/studied case law and information that I found in my previous research on this topic to Misterbig. My appologies to everyone. I don't mean to pull this thread off topic or want turn it into a debate about vaccinations
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  8. by   stephstna
    You should contact your school to find out what exactly is required of the physical. The school I went to did not require one. They only required a two step TB test. I did have to get one for my job. I am unisured as well and had to pay $50 for a physical. No blood work has ever been required.
  9. by   jjpassion