persuasion essay about nursing

  1. new here..(just registered this morning):spin:

    im not in da Nursing Program yet..(still taking the pre-req)

    uhm..i just wanna get an idea..

    well, i have to write a persuasion essay (or argumentation) for my final test in english..(on MOnday) ,

    i decided to write an essay about getting this course-> (nursing)

    well,can you guys help me, this is my question-->>

    If you are going to convince one of your friends to take this kind of course..what would you say..

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  3. by   CaLLaCoDe
    Welcome to allnurses!
    Well, you asked a toughy! I'm way too tired at this time from being the nurse that my training helped me to become to think of a reasonable argument in favor of taking a course called nursing. Perhaps you might start with the downside as to what other's found disfavorable about nursing school, such as power monger instructors who judge unfairly for some and favorably for others, or that some may be straight A students in class but do terribly on the NCLEX, how much time one must spend on nursing care plans and wonder what the purpose of them is anyway.
    And then you could go in at large and explain the diverse areas of knowledge that nursing touches, how it sresses wellness over treating the disease, how the field of nursing is growing leaps and bounds and I frankly have no way really to define it. It's almost like trying to define GOD. Anyway, help this helps. I have a feeling others will refute what I have put down on webpaper, but heck isn't this what this nursing forum is all about?! Oh Yeah!
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  4. by   mercyteapot
    If you look around the site, you'll find many examples of why people love nursing. Those might be worth noting in your essay.
  5. by   Agnus
    Frankly I (personally) would not talk someone into any professional field. Well with one exception. I actually did talk someone into the military years ago when I wanted to get them out of my geographic area because they had taken up residence in my (now ex) spouse's pants.
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  6. by   snowfreeze
    I would ask them if they like riding rollercoasters? Does jumping into someone elses mind interest you? How much information of being a human can you endure if it isn't happening with your body? Can you imagine being paid to discuss such issues as the color of an injury or the consistancy of something someone else coughs up?
  7. by   anonymurse
    Quote from t0yang
    If you are going to convince one of your friends to take this kind of course..what would you say..
    I wouldn't try to talk anyone into nursing. If they only signed up because I talked them into it, they wouldn't have the staying power to get through nursing school.
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