Permenent Staffing Question

  1. I don't know if this falls in the career advice or the agency section, but here it goes.
    I contacted a permenent staffing agency that found a case management job for me. I was interviewed and accepted the position. Great schedule, pay, and benifits. The problem is that my start date is next week and they still have not gave me nothing in writing telling me I offically have the job. Everything has been verbal. The agency calls me today tell me I have to go to the state police to get my own criminal background check and pay for it (it's only $10, but still). I have never worked for a company that does not do it's own background check on me. Has anybody ever did their own background check?
    It just seems weird that I have to do that and I have not recieved anything in writing saying I got the job. Also they won't set a date for my physical and I start next week. Also my RN license expires in Nov and they are bugging me about it. I cannot make the Board of Nursing go any faster. They say I cannot start until I get my renewal. The license is coming and I will be in orientation in classrooms for awhile doing no patient interaction. This agency is just really bugging me. I can not contact the company that I will be working for, I have to go through the agency to get my questions answered.
    Should I say no, I don't want this job anymore and try to go through the case management company myself? Or continue with this run around and hopefully I will start on time.
    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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