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  1. I have a PDA and am looking for a good drug program that includes nursing interventions. Right now I have Epocrates which is good, but it does not include nursing interventions. Because I will be a new grad in 2 weeks, I want to be able to look up a drug really fast, and get info on interventions, how long I should take to give an IV drug - what I can give fast and what I can't, and other things that as a new nurse, I need to be aware of.

    I have also downloaded a demo of two other programs: RN Diseases and 5MCC.

    RN Diseases I like, but when I went to look up Rhabo, it wasn't included in the program, so I am wondering how comprehensive it really is.

    5MCC 2004 2004 (5 Minute Clinical Consult) is more comprehensive, but it does not include Planning and Inplementation like RN Diseases does.

    If anyone has information and experience with any good PDA programs for nurses, I would love to hear from you. Thanks
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  3. by   maolin
    I have Davis' Drug Guide for the usual stuff and Gahart's IV med book (Mosby) for dilution/compatibility/admin rates for IV meds. I couldn't live w/o either one!
  4. by   grentea
    I have Davis' Drug Guide on my PDA too. I'm a student right now and works wonderfully for my purposes. That Gahart's IV med book sounds great. It's something I'll probably get after I graduate. RN Diseases is ok. It doesn't have everything in it, but it has most of the major diseases and disorders, and I reallly like the nursing interventions in it.
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  5. by   Tucwebb
    Does the PDA version of Davis' Drug Guide include nursing interventions?
  6. by   maolin
    Quote from Tucwebb
    Does the PDA version of Davis' Drug Guide include nursing interventions?
    It's just like the book, only in electronic format (faster to navigate). It has the usual action, dosage, SE, etc along w/ assessment, implementation, nrsg dx, pt teaching & evaluation. Very handy for fluffing up a care plan