PCCN exam

  1. Hi new here, I'm ready to study for my PCCN and was wanting advice on best study gouide to use and any info that helps. Please and thank you!!!!
    I was looking on the site for info which I'm sure is there but I'm unable to find. I am assuming I'm not looking or using the site properly
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  3. by   cleback
    I used the ahrens review book X2 (certification and recertification) and the official website review questions. Ahrens is fairly good and comprehensive, although hopefully they updated it. I noticed on the last pccn exam, there were a few questions on newer cardiac meds which were not covered in the edition I used.
  4. by   Floridanurse2018
    Thanks for the info i will look jnto that today. I just didnt want to buy a few books that were not that helpful. Seems to be many out there right now and trying to find accurate info on how well they work is trying unless i get it from nurses who actually took the exam.
  5. by   Floridanurse2018
    Thank you!!! Learnig how to use this site.
  6. by   SoCal Nurse
    Ahrens and Ed4Nurses.com did it for me. GREAT resources. When I took it about 45% was cardiac, and 3 of my questions were the same. Know what changes in what ECG leads suggest what area of infarct (there's a chart for it online). For example: Changes in leads II, III, and aVF are typically signs of... Inferior MI. Get those two resources, study and I bet you'll do fine