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  1. I posted this here to cast a wider net. I'll be wrapping up a diploma program in June (God willing!), but I want to have additional options sooner. So, I'm hoping to pursue a master's in public health. However, it has been recommended to me that I find someone to pay for it. Does anyone know anything about the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps? If so, is it anything like the military? There seem to be a lot of military-like overtones. Their website doesn't say anything about paying off your student loans, but I imagine it would be a hard sell for a lot of people (myself NOT included having been a Peace Corps volunteer). Thanks a lot! I love ALLNURSES! :spin:
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    Sometimes you can find hospitals willing to pay off loans if you work for them so long after graduation. I believe the state of KY is willing to pay off a percentage (large) of loans for each year you work in the state. Scholarships, grants are out there as well. Try looking into graduate assistant positions. They usually work you about 8-12 hours a week, and the pay sucks especially if you are accostomed to nurse's pay, but your schooling (with exception of fees and books) is free. Very lucrative deal. For my two year master's program which was in-state at a public school, I had about 16,000 invested. This included books, tuition, as well as some living expenses.