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  1. hi there I am having a Promblem with our hospitals policy on pateint satisfaction, we are in a what they call Target 100 and Emplyors choice region they fired 3 damn good rns because patients complained about them or another story i heard was they were talking to the union . But i do know severe pentalties are adresses if we do get a complaint lodged agaisnt us now there was a article in the paper that told everyione they have to get the patients respect first then worry about what the doctors and staff thing am I wrong in assuming that if the nurses and doctors including the other staff were happy wouldnt the patients be happy also ?? I kinda think they would They say patient ratio is down bull sh...... i have 12 patients per 12 hour shift lets say 5 get dismissed but i get 5 back in admissions and remamber i am just a LPN who by Missoui standards cannot do a IV push admin blood do a iv till i can get a cert which takes 6 months ( 2 classes a year) i cant even hang a bag of fluids till then I came from state to which I did all this been rough i cant be the nurse i am there and the patients see that dont you think it will help staffing if comp LPNS/LVNS can do some of it ?? I know I am rattling sorry but thru all this and seeing what the hospitals do to us I am about ready to go back to being a cashier in a gas staion at least there i could go home at night and not take my job home with me . what do you think
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