Patient Safety Specialist/Clinical Risk Manager

  1. Hello All,

    Can those of you who work in the capacity of patient safety specialist, clinical risk manager, or under similar other titles, please give me an idea of 1. your role within the health care team, and 2. what you consider to be the most important part(s) of your job, and 3. the most frustrating or difficult aspect(s) of your work. I realize that the titles probably seem rather self-explanatory, but I would like to see how my impressions stack up against the descriptions of those who are actively working in this capacity.

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    [font=Palatino Linotype]Hi,

    I am bringing this back to the top in hopes of a response. I am considering applying for a patient safety specialist position, and it would help me tailor my cover letter if someone could give me some feedback on these points as they relate to the role of Patient Safety Specialist/Clinical Risk Manager:

    1. Role within the health care team. (Work with all staff or predominantly around them?
    2. What you consider to be the most important part(s) of this type of job?
    3. Most frustrating or difficult aspect(s) of this type of work.