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I have just read Journeyy's post in the "What freaks you out" topic about her experience with the pt in LTC. Has anyone else experienced any type of paranormal-type incident? I have heard other... Read More

  1. by   Barbara Rose
    The closest I have ever come was when a patient told me he was going home on a weekend I was off. I tried to explain to him that since it was impossible for him to go home, and it was his anniversary that his wife was bringing in his dog for a special visit but that he could not go home. It told me goodbye, that we was going home. I decided that he was trying to tell me something and so I told him goodbye, he was a very special pt. to me. Anyway, I told his wife as well. She got the shivers as well. Saturday, she brought in his dog and all his family came in. He died Sunday evening on my usual shift. The staff told me that if I had been there they were sure I could have saved him. (that really made me feel guilty). Anyway, he knew he wouldn't see me again. I still have a tape of him before he got sick (he was a youth minister) preaching. It gives me chills, I cry each time I listen to it. Does that count?