PAR Charting

  1. Has anyone every heard of PAR charting? I just started working at a facility in Dayton, Ohio and they have the nurses use this type of documentation (nurses notes) instead of 'normal' nursing notes. It's weird if you ask me! I just can not seem to get the hang of it. But the funny thing is, that the PAR is in my notes! P-problem A-action R-results.
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  3. by   nursejohio
    I think I had clincals there. I never could quite get the hang of it either. I guess it was just never explained in a way that made sense to me. I thought the problem is the COPD or whatever got him admitted, the action is the breathing tx etc we're doing and the result is that he's still alive. My teacher wasn't so fond of my logic
  4. by   ladytopaz
    Your logic makes perfect sense to me!!
  5. by   ParrotHeadRN
    Sounds like PIE charting, which is what we were taught in school. Problem, Intervention, Evaluation. (Although I'm not 100% sure about the Evaluation, it's been a while!) You simply write what the problem is, what was done about it, and what the outcome was.

    For example:
    P: c/o increasing hip pain, now 8/10.
    I: morphine 4 mg IV given.
    E: pain now 4/10.

    You could easily substitute PAR for PIE. I think that's how most of us chart anyway, we just don't necessarily use the anacronyms. Personally, I would not chart a problem or c/o without charting what I did and what the results were.

    Hope this helps!:spin:
  6. by   clemmm78
    We never had it called anything officially, it's just the way I chart, much like ParrotheadRN said.

    "Heard sound in patient's room, found him trying to get out of bed. Syringe driver dislodged and patient appears confused and in generalized pain. Patient returned to bed and reoriented. Medicated X 1 with morphine 5 mg s/c and versed 2 mg. s/c. Syringe driver restarted in right upper arm. Patient now appears comfortable and to be sleeping."

    Problems stated, followed by interventions and outcome.
  7. by   burn out
    I could already have it typed or written out by the time I figured how to PIE or PAR it.