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  1. Hi everybody, this is probably the wrong page to ask this, but I am having problems logging in and moving from page to page on the site.
    My name is Jody and I just got My LVN license on July 12th. I started work with a home health agency and want to know if anybody else is getting paid like this. I am in california.

    I am making $15 an hour, BUT..... only if I work 40 hours or less. If I work say 48 hrs that week then the agency drops my pay down to $13.87 an hour for all of my hours worked. The more hours I work the lower my hourly pay goes. So here is how the math goes

    40 hour week. 15 x 40 = $600 gross (before taxes)

    48 hour week hourly pay drops down to $13.87. 13.87 x 40 = $554.58
    then the 8 hours O.T. 13.87 x 1.5 x 8 = $166.44 Total gross for the week $720.92

    Now if you just do $15 x 48 hours it = $720.00

    So basically what they are doing is adjusting my pay down based on the amount of overtime hours I worked for the week so that no matter how many hours I work I get a straight $15 an hour and no time and a half. They also gave me a lovely paper telling me all about AB60 (if you haven't heard of it just type in ab60 on an internet search). I went to the DOL page and it specifically say that LVN's are not generally included in the overtime exemption
    I would appreciate any feedback or info from others who have heard about this or have experienced it. Thanks Jody

    * This posting is also in the introduce yourself page. As I said earlier I have been having problems logging in and it seems that finally I can now move and post in different forums now. Sorry in advance if I am going to get in trouble for double posting. It won't happen again. Jody :wink2:
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  3. by   clee1

    As we say down South.... somthang jest hain't rat heah.

    I'd call the State wage and hours board. Offhand, I'd say somebody is shafting you.
  4. by   parrotmom
    I know I will do a poor job explaining this but since the overtime laws were changed. It screws the employee not the employer. We at the private ambulance service had to make adjustments to the pay scale so our employees who worked overtime didn't actually make less when in overtime. Apparently known as "Chinese Overtime" it is supposwd to discourage employees from wanting overtime and encourage employers to hire more workers to avoid overtime. That being said most hospitals and municipal services are not affected but private employers, agency workers depending on state, etc are affected. I would suggest you ask your employer to show you what would happen if you made the 15 an hour and time and ahalf at 15 an hour and I would bet you are coming out better the way they are doing it now. WHen this initially went into effect, my husband made 200.00 less than normal till we adjusted for this new law.