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  1. The following link gives info about nSOS--neutral super-oxidized water. I know people, one of whom is very close to me, whose lives have been saved by this simple solution, which has a safety profile comparable to saline.


    No, I don't work for Oculus Innovative Sciences, nor do I own any stock in their company. I'm just grateful my father is alive.
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    The threads move by so fast on this forum, I'm not sure how effective it will be for getting across my message. But thanks for letting me try! I am approaching individual doctors about this, but they very rarely post their email addresses, so I am doing this by snail mail, which costs. It's slow going.

    This link contains an audio interview, which is very good, and then several videos of conferences, and then eight short videos.


    There are more and more state-of-the-art wound care clinics that use Microcyn with astonishing results--notably Dr. Cheryl Bongiovanni, Lakeview Wound Care Clinic, in Lakeview, Oregon; Dr. David Allie, a vascular sugeon who does limb salvage work in Louisiana; and Mathew Regulski in Seaport New Jersey. I believe Dr. Bongiovanni is the medical liaison for Oculus Innovative Sciences, and she will discuss her work with any health care professionals who wish to know more. Also, Oculus IS will do an in-service with health care professionals and I think they also give free cases to interested clinicians. The contact would be Dan McFadden, dmcfadden@oculusis.com He's open to talking with everyone who is interested, and he indicated to me in an email that there are nearly a thousand doctors in this country now trialing Microcyn. He can check any person's area by zip code to see if they have such a doctor near them.

    Pressure sores respond really well to Microcyn treatment. There's an article on the website by Jim Schultz about a trial just completed in a nursing home, where they really turned around all those bedsores.

    I know of SCI patients who have saved their lives by rinsing their bladders and urethras with Microcyn on a regular basis. One young woman contracted urosepsis ten times in one year. The antibiotics damaged her hearing, and she wasn't expected to live. She began rinsing her bladder with Microcyn and has now been three years infection free. I know of other cases like this. CAUTI's could be eliminated if this were the protocol for foley users in our health care institutions. This is still an off-label use, and clinical trials are in the pipeline.

    As a hygiene product Microcyn really shines above all others. It is completely non-toxic, very gentle on human tissue, and just devastates microbes of all stripes.

    More later.
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    This is the Oculus piece on the worldwide MRSA epidemic. Basic info.

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    Stable nSOS (neutral super-oxidized solution) is no longer called Dermacyn in the United STates. It is called Microcyn. It is now available over-the-counter, however, the RX formula contains a higher concentration of actives. I use Microcyn OTC as an antiseptic in my home, for just about everything, and it works great. But when I had to go after a bad staph infected boil on my son's back, I had to really soak it with thick gauze pads, for about two days non-stop. Then daily soaks twice a day for the next two weeks. It healed completely, but if I had gone to a doctor with the Rx formula, it would have been healed sooner.

    Here it is in action (the Rx formula) against necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating bacteria):

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    I have no clue how many people are gaining info from this thread, but I will continue to add as much info as I can, and then move on to other venues.

    Here's a TV interview explaining the mechanism of action of nSOS (Microcyn)

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    I want to thank the adminstrators of this forum for allowing me to post info about Microcyn. I had hoped to spark interest in this vital subject, but apparently no questions or comments were aroused. I guess you have to see someone's life being saved before you can truly understand what a medical breakthrough this is. It utterly blew me away to see infections wildly insensitive to all antibiotics get wiped out by something as gentle as saline.

    Anyway, I've got to move on. There is certainly more to tell but I've got to ramp up my letters to surgeons and wound care doctors, and that takes a lot of effort.

    Thanks again for having me.