Outdated Hospital

  1. Hello all! Well, I just wanted to vent for a moment before i go back to work tonight, but I have a big problem with my unit I work on. My hospital is a OLD facility built in the 1960's with double bedded and triple bedded room. Imagine this for a moment. The ICU with all the equipment, IV machines, Cardiac monitors, Vents in a room with three beds back to back AND and sharred bathroom. 6 patients for one john. Dont even get me started on a CODE or a transfer to and from ancillary services. It just seems to be a waste of energy to move all the beds sideways, make room for the code cart and code team, and at the same time monitor the other two critical patients. I often tell my patients family or friends that the hospital was not built with the future in mind. Sometimes they will co-hort 3 MRSA patients together in a triple bedded room. In my opinion, that is a superstrain waiting to happen!
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