OT or Nursing?

  1. Hello
    I'm glad that I found this helpful forum!
    I'm a college student finishing my first year.
    And to make a schedule for next semester, I had to make up my minds whether to do nursing or occupational therapy.
    I have several questions;
    - What are the differences between the two??
    - Is it currently hard for an occupational therapist to get a job?
    - If I were to have either as my second job, which one is likely to give more free time??

    Thank you!
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  3. by   tencents
    I've also been in a similar situation. I'm going for my second degree and will be starting my Master's in OT this fall. I come from a family full of RN's, so I know a little of both sides.

    I thought about nursing off and on since high school. However, my mom and aunts discouraged me (as they are all unhappy nurses). Long hours, poor administration that doesn't give a rats butt about them...just a warm body to fill a spot.

    1. There are SO many differences. But basically nurses are directly in charge of the patient's medical issues. OT's deal in rehabilitation. www.aota.org is a great OT site to give you a better idea of what they do.

    2. The job market for OT's can be limited, IF you're in a rural area. But in my neck of the woods (rochester, ny) there are in HIGH demand. Settings you can work include (but are certainly not limited to) hospitals, nursing homes, schools, home-based care for early intervention of children with disabilities.... With that said, there are many more jobs for nurses because there are so many directions you can go.

    3. I would say nursing, b/c you can work 3, 12hr shifts and be done for the week, if you choose. But if you work in a school, there's the benefit of the school calendar!

    I hope this has helped. Good luck w/your decision, I KNOW how difficult and confusing it can be.
  4. by   momit
    Thank you!
  5. by   gina gina
    Nursing.baby Boomers R Here.u Will Always Have A Job !u Can Get A Job In Nursing Much Quicker Than Ot.think About It,would U Rather Have Ot Or A Nurse For Family Member That Can Not Take Care Of Themselves,which One Takes Priority!trust,i Know.
  6. by   user9876
    have you thought about physical therapy? just curious. i quit nursing school to pursue my DPT - best decision i ever made (for myself personally). good luck with whatever you decide!
  7. by   tencents
    Gina Gina,
    I understand where you're coming from. You can get a job much quicker in nursing. But why is it then, that 5 of the nurses in my family have said stay away? The profession isn't what it use to be (managed health care) and I hate seeing how beat up my mom and aunts are. Not getting the respect they deserve, overworked, etc. etc. I'm sure it's not like that everywhere, but it seems that they way it is more often times then not.

    Personally, I would rather have a career where you don't have to fight so hard to be respected. And yes, OT jobs are harder to come by, there are JUST as important.

    It is good to have nurses in the family, esp. when you have someone in the hospital. My mom was recently in a hospital in Columbus, GA and was left alone for 2 hours after a major surgery! They finally took vitals when she was back in her room. Thank goodness my aunt got there when she did!