Opportunities for Nurse in ME, NH, MA

  1. Are there any nurse out there senior nursing students or working nurses that want more out of their career? How does this sound to you senior nurses. I can guarantee you a med-surg position. Furthermore; guarantee that you will receive advance training in either ( critical care, psychiatric/mental health, OB/GYN or perioperative nursing ). Now all of you working nurses. If you are in a med-surg position and are in a more than typical situation where you can not receive advanced training... Well then, the same could apply to you. I am talking about the Army Nurse Corps. Army Nurses are one of our most valuable assets. The sky is the limit. We even have three hospital that are run by Army Nurses. That's right, even in charge of the doctors. Let me know if anyone is interested. I work out of Maine and cover the state of Maine, New Hampshire and into Boston, MA.
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  3. by   j_n28
    I used to work in the Army( but in Romania) for 7 years in MED field as RN.I just pass the CGFNS exam.I need a sponsor now.It is possible that I could find it in the army?
    If anyone had a sponsor at the begining of their career in the USA please show me the way...