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  1. hey i'm a student nurse and am looking for an online nurse to talk to (type to?) it's for a course assignment for us to find experienced nurse mentors to answer any questions and 'chat' with. if anyone's interested i've attached an information sheet about the assignment and a consent form that you would need to fill out and send back to me. thanks, i look forward to hearing back. you can reply to me at or through allnurses PM





    The purpose of the Nurses= Work online experience is to provide beginning student nurses with an opportunity to interact with professional nurses who practice in a variety of work settings.

    The student who is sending these forms to you is a Semester One student in the General Nursing Program at Douglas College in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. Douglas College is one of ten partners in the Collaborative Nursing Program of British Columbia, and offers the first two years of a baccalaureate program, currently with a diploma bridge-out option that will cease in 2005.


    C Promote an understanding of the breadth of contexts in which the nurse provides care and promotes health.
    C Facilitate the understanding of caring and health promotion as the essence of nursing.
    C Sharing in the Nurses= Work experiences will assist beginning student nurses in identifying the common and unique features of nurses= work, e.g.
    C all professional nurses share the responsibility of meeting Standards of Practice and of following a Code of Ethics
    C nurses assume unique roles and specialized nursing interventions related to client needs and contexts of practice
    C the work setting influences both the nurses and the care they provide to clients/patients.
    C Provide a personal connection between a beginner and a professional practitioner to help beginning students see the goals of the nursing program and inspire their work towards these goals.


    C Agree to communicate online with a beginning student nurse, indicated by submission of an online consent form.
    C Through discussion, generally introduce student to type of relevant health care staff, clients and family in your work setting, while maintaining client confidentiality.
    C Discuss with the student about as much of your work as is feasible, e.g., assessment, nursing interventions, communication with health care team members, evaluation of care, documentation, use of technology.
    C Where possible explain roles, responsibilities, nature of work, personal preparation and interest in the work, influence of working environment on role as a nurse, etc.
    C Participate in evaluation of the experience by completing an online evaluation form.


    C Contact the nurse online to introduce self and arrange interactions.
    C Submit the Online Fact Sheet and Consent Form to the nurse via e-mail.
    C In the online environment, share his/her goals for the experience, and questions about the nurse=s current practice.
    C Protect the privacy, confidentiality and security of any information about patients/clients.
    C Prepare a AThank you@ letter and evaluation feedback to e-mail/mail to the nurse with a copy of each submitted to the teacher.
    C Submit the Nurse's Evaluation form to the nurse via e-mail for completion.
    C Summarize learning outcomes for the experience.


    C Provide a Faculty Contact for the agency and/or nurse providing the experience. Currently this is Sherry Soball at 604-527-5077, e-mail:
    C Prepare students for the experience regarding an introduction to the role of the nurse.
    C Ensure that students are accountable for the privacy and confidentiality of the information they have access to as a result of the experience. This is both a program expectation and policy for students.
    If you understand the purpose of this assignment, and are willing to communicate online with a nursing student about your current nursing practice, please complete the attached consent form. The form should then be e-mailed directly back to the student, who will submit a printed copy of it to the instructor.

    On behalf of the Douglas College Nursing Program, I would like to thank you for your contribution to the student=s nursing education. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.

    Sherry Soball, RN, BSN
    Faculty Coordinator of Nurses= Work Experience
    Phone: 604-527-5077
    Fax: 604-527-5664


    Douglas College Faculty of Health SciencesDepartment of General NursingOnline Memorandum of Consent

    TO: A Registered Nurse willing to communicate online with a beginning student nurse about his/her current nursing practice.

    FROM: Sherry Soball, Coordinator of The Nurses= Work Experience in Semester I.

    RE: NURSES= WORK EXPERIENCE (Please see the enclosed Fact Sheet)

    If you are willing to participate in this online experience for a nursing student please complete:


    E-Mail Address:

    PLACE OF WORK: (Include address and phone number)

    Brief Description of your work:

    Name of immediate supervisor:


    Date: __________________________

    Please return form to student by return e-mail when completed (for submission to instructor). Information contained herein will only be shared between the participating student and instructor. On completion of the experience, the form will be either destroyed or, if you agree to be available for another experience, kept on file with the instructor.
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