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After reading many postings about A&P online, where some are all for it, but some are completely against it, I wanted to get your opinions on taking Microbiology online, as I planned to take it this... Read More

  1. by   NurseDiva04
    The online class is with lab. Even though it is virtual, I have learned a lot. I have to study about different micoorganisms and perform different tests to isolate them. What I like is that when I make a "blopper", it comes out in my report. Some of the labs have been very challenging but I have enjoyed it!

    Quote from Brennemaniac
    I took Microbiology last semester. Got an A - but it is not an easy class. I'm not sure how much value you would get from taking such a class online. The laboratory section of the course, I believe, is a vital part of being able to understand what is going on. It's easy to memorize the different types of pathogenic bacteria, but its a whole different matter, being able to take a culture [from the throat for instance] and be able to grow it on the appropriate nutrient medium - isolate the colonies - gram stain them - and use additional tests to identify them.

    Yes, the clinical labs will do all of that for you... but what about learning aseptic technique. This is a skill that has appliaction in all parts of the nursing profession... I say take the class with a lab. You'll get a lot more out of it.
  2. by   Rookie
    Consider taking your Microbiology class online from Brigham Young University. I did it last year, I recall approx 6-8 open book quizzes, two proctored midterms and a final exam that was pretty easy. I didn't feel I spent alot of time on it and it was an easy A. It was expensive (about $350 at the time) but well worth my not having to quit my job just to take a class and a lab at the local college.