Online CNA?RN classes

  1. I have been doing some looking around in here and found a few sites like

    The first site says you can go for your associates in science/nursing. But I am wonder is this a valid thing to do?
    Does anyone have an prior experience with these sites or have any comments about them? Thanks, Sheri
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  3. by   Bjohnson2474
    Here is what the site says..make sure you read the fine print on sites that you visit from now on..
    St. Augustine Educational Services, inc. manages the St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants and School of Allied Healthcare. St. Augustine Educational Services, inc. is a private international distance education company not listed with any government agency or the U.S. Department of Education. We welcome recognition by Ministers of Education and/or Departments of Education from all countries. Our faculty members are independent contractors who offer their services to our institution on as needed basis. We offer innovative distance education programs and therefore do not maintain a physical traditional school campus. Since St. Augustine Educational Services is a wed based education services we utilize traditional mail forwarding services and email forwading to assist our students and clients from many different countries.

    St. Augustine Educational Services, inc. (BVI) is not a college or university and as such we do NOT award college credit, college “degrees” or diplomas. We are a private educational service incorporated in the Tortola, BVI. All our educational programs are non-credit basic introductory nature lessons. All students should consult with potential employers and/or appropriate government agencies to assure a programs will meet their needs.
  4. by   plchavard
    Rio salado college in Arizona offers an "online" CNA and ADN, but there are clinical requirements that are completed in person as well as exams.