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  1. What guidelines does your hospital use for on call? We are looking to revise our On-Call policy and wanted to see how some others were doing it.

    Example: Do you pay for weekend call? Hourly or flat rate? Time and a half? Double time? If you pay time and a half, does your staff have to work 40 hours before premium On-call pay 'kicks-in'?

    Would appreciate any input you could provide.
    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   MIA-RN1
    We get on-call time in blocks of 4 hours, and receive $10 total for that block of time if we are not called in. If we are called in, we just get our regular wages with the appropriate shift diff if we are on a shift other than days. It does go to time and a half if we go over 40h by working call. Thats it tho, no premium call pay.
    It really sucks.
    We have to sign up for 8 hours of call the day the schedule comes out, and then a week later have to add another 4 hours. Except when the census is projected high, then its 16h instead of 12. THe blocks are 7a- 11a, 11a - 3p, 3p - 7p, 7p - 11p, 11p - 3a, and 3a - 7a.
    And yes, people have been called in at 3 in the morning.
    So when the schedule comes out, people come in in droves tosign up for call to get the easier hours.
    And people who are full time (5 days a week) have to sign up for as much call as per diems and part times, meaning that most call is on the very few days off.
    Sorry if I sound bitter. I think call time should be less for people who are there 40h/5 days since we are giving so much more time to begin with.