OHNs/CRNAs: help!

  1. help!!

    i'm a nursing student, and hope to graduate april 2007..
    we were required to have this presentation in our management class due next week..

    our group was assigned to discuss or share something about occupational health nursing and nurse anesthetist...
    hmm, got any idea??!!
    or any significant information regarding the underlined concepts...maybe..

    maybe ohns or crnas viewers here could help me out!
    pls share your experiences!!

    be it funny or serious.. haha..
    from application to retirement.. whehe
    legal matters..
    dos and donts..maybe. whatever you want to share!
    it'll be a very verry big help guys..

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  3. by   LuvMyGamecocks
    I am a student like you, but it looks like I've spent a little more time on this forum. There is a HUGE wealth of information throughout allnurses.com....ya just gotta look for it.

    As a fellow student, I appreciate that you're "going to the source" for information. But, with all due respect, all it takes is a little effort to search for exactly what you need. I'm not sure that many on this forum are going to spoon feed your assignment to you.

    https://allnurses.com/forums/f16/ (CRNA forum)

    https://allnurses.com/forums/f36/ (Occupational Health forum)