Ohio Board of Nursing New Rules and other interesting facts free ceu's

  1. Greetings All Nurses,

    I recievd my copy of the "Momentum" (the Ohio Board of Nursing Newsletter) today. In it there is several items of interest to All Nurses.
    1) New regulations requiring that 1 hour of the 24 hours of CEU's be on Ohio Rules and Regulations (the Nurse Practice Act). This will star for renewal of the 2003 licensure of RN's and 2004 for LPN's.

    2) It is now a criminal felony of the fifth degree to practice nursing without a license. That should deter the Adm. who use unlicensed staff to do Nursing Duties!

    3) The board has free CEU's this coming September 5, 2001 (3.6 CEU's) for that requirement of Education about the Nurse Practice Act! It will be in Columbus call(614) 466-9970 for more information about registering for the course! Or visit the web site at www.state.oh.us/nur

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