NYU Nursing School

  1. Did anyone on here attend the BSN and/or MA at NYU? I am interested in completing their 15 month accelerated BSN and then going on and earning the MA in Midwifery.

    If so, did you enjoy the program? Likes/dislikes . . . ?

    I was told you need to have a year of experience before you take the advanced MA classes but you can work fulltime after you pass your boards and then work fulltime and take the general master's classes part time. Did anyone do this and how hard was it for you?

    Also, what is nursing like in NYC? I live in Boston right now and since NYC is a little more hardcore than Boston in general, I have this vision of NYC hospitals being overrun with intense trauma. Maybe I'm just letting tv shows and movies shape my view . .

    Any thoughts woudl be wonderful!

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