NYC nurses poll. Hospital/Unit/Years of experience/Happy-Unhappy-Average/Salary

  1. and any other additional info that you want to include..such as if you plan to stay for a while or change units or even hospitals...I'm 3months away from graduation and was interested in sampling the different oppinions out there and think this is a quick glance...
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  3. by   nesher
    I live and work in Seattle, but am interested to read what the NYC folks write as my husband and I comtemplate spending a year in the city for a change of pace and what might be a thrill. I am a little lost however when I look up hospitals as I don't know much about any of them and web sites are somewhat commercial. I would like to investigate Sloan Kettering as I am an oncology nurse (stem cell transplant) - just finished my MN. Any words of wisdom?
    My husband is a teacher if anyone has any comments about schools, school systems etc it would be cool.
    (Hope you are all enjoying the snow - all ski areas from Crystal Mt to Mt Baker CLOSED - our mts are dry....)