Nursing Wish List for National Nurses Wish Week 2002

  1. I wish the federal and state government funded nursing education to the same extent it funds medical education.

    I wish that all nursing education programs could accept all academically qualified applicants, and that the number of graduate and doctoral students was a function of the BSN students graduated.

    I wish that nursing deans, directors, and faculty salaries had some relationship to the market of similarly educated and prepared nurses.

    I wish that all nursing curricula were fully articulated so that nurses could continue their education in a logical and efficient manner.

    I wish every nurse were proud and happy that they chose nursing and eagerly encouraged their children to follow in their footsteps.

    I wish every high school career event included nursing and promoted health professions as honorable and worthy career choices that offer flexibility and access to many industries.

    I wish every public or private school had a full-time, on-site nurse for their students, teaching a health curriculum addressing all healthcare concerns.

    I wish every hospital executive spent an entire 12-hour shift with a registered nurse to better understand the work environment and resource issues from a patient care perspective.

    I wish the salary differential between the novice and expert nurse was similar to that of other professions and recognized differing educational levels.

    I wish every healthcare organization recognized the value and importance of having visible nursing leadership representation at its executive table.
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  3. by   capgirl
    these are wonderful things to wish for, betts.

    Personally, coming off 2 - 12 hours shifts, I would be willing to settle for the 2 -15 minute breaks each day that the labor law says I should have.