Nursing Survey

  1. Hello fellow nurses. I am a student with the University of Phoenix currently working on my MSN. I am wondering if all of you would be willing t participate in research needed to answer the question

    "Nurses' job satisfaction: are there differences between foreign and U.S.-educated nurses?"

    Would you be willing to answer the following questions?

    Number of years as an RN:
    Job Title:
    Type of facility you work in:
    Any previous occupation:

    How satisfied are you with you nursing career?

    What could be done to increase your job satisfaction?

    What factors do you think contribute to the nursing shortage?

    What are your reasons for becoming a foreign nurse to the USA?

    Are there any ethical dilemmas about leaving your own country during what is considered a global nursing shortage to work in the USA?

    Thank you in advance for your participation!

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