Nursing Student President Problems

  1. hello,
    i have a problem:
    i am a pn nursing student that has been elected sna class president.
    i am extremely honored to have been nominated much less to have won the seat.
    i am only an average student with my grades, and feel (sometimes) that even the instructors wonder why i was elected. putting that aside, my biggest concern is that everyone seems to make a big deal- such as calling me madam president all the time, or asking me certain questions, and even yesterday i had to leave 2 hours early because i have been fighting a cold all week and had 2 final exams and one of the instructors tried to tell me that i could not leave because i was the president and had to set a good example. i somewhat feel like i am in a fish bowl or something. i mean, i will treat everyone the same and continue to be the best that i can be. so how do i get ppl to understand that it is starting to bother me, or should i expect this to die down soon? i can sense a bit of an attitude from ones that probably didn't vote me in? in fact i didn't even know that i was going to be nominated until 2 days prior from a group of gals.... don't get me wrong, i am honored, i even kind of like, am i just being paranoid????
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