Nursing Student looking for Reasurance

  1. hi i am currently a nursing student in the lpn part of the program i will go on in january to get my associates degree. it seems my program is a little unorganized, wich i can understand since this is the first p.m. lpn class the school has had. is anyone else having troubles or is it just our school. just wanted to hear from other students and what their experience with school are like.
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  3. by   redwinggirlie
    I was part of the first night RN program with my school. It was not unorganized, but there were obstacles to address. Perhaps you could be more specific on what troubles the program is having, etc....
    ps. maybe it's just my eyes, but that pink you use is hard to read!
    Be well.
  4. by   angelymick
    :angel2: I too am in a LPN program, I started this past September. I am enjoying being a student at 41 and am doing well. We too have had alot of confusing and conflicting information in regards to our program. They brought in a new "Head of the program". She is making changes but it gets frustating when you sign up for one thing and mid stream they make changes which you didn't bargain for. We all forge ahead and are just aiming for the same goal, to get through the program and graduate. There is not much else you can do because they sort of "gotch ya"! The thing that makes up for it all is that we have a very driven, excellent instructor. Some people don't get her but if you recognize what she is trying to do in turning out top notch students than you will survive. Good Luck!