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    I currently hold an MS-Computer Science degree, and am working full-time (8A-5P). I can adjust my time 2 or 3 hours either way - as long as I complete my 8 hours.

    I have been looking into pursuing an Associate Degree in Nursing that would prepare me for the RN exam.

    I already have the pre-requisites completed for most of the classes, except for some Anatomy, Biology, and a Sociology class.
    These classes are held in the evenings - or only take 2 to 4 hours a week out of my regular work schedule (no problem with company).


    However, the clinicals run during the daylight hours 6am-2pm. - 4 days per week. There is both hospital time and classroom time involved.


    My question is:

    - What recommendations do you have / know of, as to where I could complete my clinicals on the weekends or during vacation time?

    - I currently live in Evansville, IN (if that helps).

    - I see that there are several on-line colleges that offer classes in the nursing field - but they all require clinicals.

    - I definitely would like to enter the nursing field, but cannot quit my current job for the 2 yrs it would take to get the clinicals completed.

    Any suggestions or programs that you could recommend?

    Am tired of being in a box/cubicle all day.


    John Coxey
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  3. by   memphispanda
    We have a community college here that offers an all night/weekend ADN. I have no idea if there is anything like that offered in your area, but you could check around. If you have to work full-time daytime hours, it will be hard to find a nuring program of any sort. You have to have clinical hours--heck, you wouldn't want to be a nurse who had never even seen a patient.