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    I am writing to your forum in the hope of receiving some assistance. I work as a special education advocate for children (3-22). Some of my clients are students with health needs that require that a nurse accompany them throughout their day. I have been interested in developing a form that nurses could complete at the end of the day to provide information to the family about how the day went.

    I am wondering if members might share with me examples of Nursing Shift Reports that might be helpful. Obviously, many of these are designed for specific nursing specialties and these would not be appropriate in this case. I am looking for a form that is general in nature, covering all major areas. I would like it to be one page and provide the nurse an opportunity to complete check boxes for the bulk of the entries. Lines should be provided for providing any necessary detail.

    Any ideas? You can email them to me at or fax them to me at 775.254.1289.

    Thank you in advance.

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