Nursing schools- PLEASE HELP

  1. Hi im new! I am 15 female and i would LOVE to pursue a career as a nurse! I have some questions and could u please answer them? THANKS!!

    1. WHat nursing school did you go to?

    2. How many years did you go? Im not sure if I should just go 2 years, pay less, BUT risk getting a lower paying job than i would if i went 4 years. Or go 4 years, pay more, but have a better chance of getting a better job. Do u think 4 years is necessary? Or is 2 enough?

    3. Someone told me that most hospitals pay for nursing school! Is this true? If so, how does this work?

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  4. by   joenp
    It just depends on how much time and money you have. You can go for the two year degree, and begin to work as an RN, and also go back for your BSN while working. You are therefore practicing and going to school at the same time. If you have the time and money to do the BSN all at once, i.e. no family obligations, then that is the route to go. Some hospitals and healthcare agencies do offer tuition reimbursement to their staff in order to pursue a higher degree, that is a BSN for an ADN. One hospital in the Chicago, is actually offering to bring the program to the hospital, pay for tuition and books in exchange for a certain number of years that you remain at that facility, once you get your BSN. Since you are young, you do have many options. Even those of us who went back later in life have options, but we often come with family responsibilities, i.e. marriage and children. One last option is to go for the ADN, and then enroll in the RN to MSN programs. Just something to think about. joenp