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  1. Hello, I was wondering which Oregon nursing program you would reccommend and why?

    University of Portland
    Portland Community College

    Thanks, any responds will help!!
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  3. by   Cascadians
    Hi daisy16

    When we worked at OHSU we asked many students and nurses this exact question.

    The common reply was that it was best to become an RN thru Portland Community College, then BSN thru OHSU. They stated that it was much less expensive to take classes at the CC; the students received more personal attention there; the classes were smaller; they got more clinical time.

    Clackamas Community College also has an RN program.

    You may want to check into OHSU's policy about working while being a student there.

    Also, with all the new legislation and outcry over the nursing shortage, be sure to check into scholarships, grants, and resurfacing of Diploma Programs.

    It is strange that with the terrible shortage (not of RNs but of hospital-willing-to-work RNs), it is still difficult to get into some nursing programs (not enough teachers / classroom / lab space etc).

    We try to stay current on this situation by talking to all the Agency CNAs LPNs RNs we meet at work.