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Hey Everyone, I am so happy! :roll I am now officially accepted into the Nursing Program at my college!!! I start nursing courses in the fall. I am currently taking prerequisites. Also, I may... Read More

  1. by   jccarolina
    I share your joy with you. I was just accepted into the ADN program this fall!!!!! You can do just takes love and determination. I'm 37 and if I can have the determination you can too. Bravo!!!!!
  2. by   Nurse_Bonita
    SICU Queen and Ussie,
    Thanks a lot. What I am most worried about is flaking out in clinicals or something. All the nurses I work with tell me that if you can handle being and aide and getting BM or emasis all over you, then you can handle just about anything. Well, I have had both on me YECK and I lived to tell about it. Maybe, just maybe I'll make it through this. I am so nervous yet excited about it.