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  1. by   Ken Denman
    I am a psych/cd nurse at a local hospital in Grand Forks, ND. I make $21.00 per hour plus comprehensive benifits. I hve a BSN and I am going to school to be a psych CNS(Masters degree). I have 12 years experience.
  2. by   TxRena
    I was an LPN in NV, making $14.53/hr with 22 years experience. I moved to Texas 10 months ago, finished school, taking boards and became an RN, finally. My starting wage was $14.00. I had a job in Pedi-Rehab working with 2 other new grads who made the same. I was treated like a seasoned nurse (which I am), I had no preceptor, expected to perform and held to a higher standard than the other new grads who made the same. I carried full patient load during the probationary time while the others continued with 2-3 patients during the same time frame. We were paid exactly the same. I got tired of it and the 12 hour shifts (not a spring chicken any longer). I am now working as an OB nurse in an office making $17.00/hr six months after becoming an RN.
  3. by   PattieD
    I just finished reading all the previous postings on this subject and I agree that our salaries suck. And, unfortunately, the reasons are quite obvious. We are a predominantly female profession and our "voices" (being NLN and our state nurses associations) aren't doing anything other than collecting our dues. I, for one, feel that until our voices are heard, it won't change. I agree with the unions, but we need to be unionized nationally, not just in certain localities. I'm not quite sure how we go about this, but I intend to find out. I have a friend who's brother works for the union and I am planning to meet with him to start a union here in the Richmond, Va. area. But, I don't want to stop there. We would have a lot more say if we were all united. Does anyone know how to light a fire under the NLN? If anyone has any suggestions, I would welcome them. I know there is a union in northern Va. and I have seen their contract. It sure looks a lot better than what we have here. I presently work in home health, making $35/visit, $45 for openings. But it is a medicare agency, so by the time I actually do the paperwork, I make about $11.25/hr for the work I do. I also do staff relief, but we have to contend with HCA hospitals that treat us as badly as their own employees. My only reprieve is my legal nurse consulting and life care Planning business, for which I am paid very well, but just getting going good right now. Please contact me if you have any suggestions on how to get a national union for nurses. Or maybe we just need to take over "our" NLN and run it like it should be run.
  4. by   AngLynn
    I am a re-entry nurse going back to work after 3 years off. My base salary for a hospital in Portland, OR is $18.23/hr with shift and weekend differentials. I also have great benefits, which I feel is very important when you have a family. Most of my health insurance is paid for, with dental as well. There is a big nursing shortage in this area as well. I had no trouble finding a job after being out for 3 years. I am very happy with my salary and consider myself blessed after reading everybody else's responses

  5. by   JillR
    As a new grad, I started out at $15.00/hr. This is not bad when yo compare it to some other areas that have a much higher cost of living than the area I live in.
  6. by   skrfish
    I'm all for nurses making more money for what we do. I work in Pittsburgh and make $24.00 hour, without benefits as a casual nurse. (prn)
    However, I do not feel that complaining and comparing salaries on an internet site is going to get us anywhere. Nurses need to redirect their issues to someone who can actually make a difference. This discussion reminds me of working an 8 hour shift, listening to nurses complain the entire time about how horrible we are treated, underpaid, blah, blah, blah, clock out, go home and come back in the next day for more beatings!
    Stop complaing if you aren't going to do anything about it!
  7. by   lightd2
    I live in tucson, az and am just about to begin nursing school. I have finished my first two years of gen ed. courses. I have been accepted at both the local community college ad would graduate, after attending part time (9-12 credits) with an ADN or I am also accepted at the U of A and would graduate in two years after attending full time (12-18 credits) with an BSN. The BSN would require no (or very little) out side work and larger student loans. The ADN would allow me to work part time and take smaller loans. I am will to do whatever it takes - but money is tight! What would you do?
  8. by   g_evere
    I'm an ADN with 3 years experience in rural eastern OH, and I make 14.25/hr in LTC. New grads start at around 12/hr. I changed jobs 6 months ago, and got about a $2/hr increase in pay.
    My cousin has been a nurse a long time and advised me to change jobs every two years for a while to get my pay increases.
    There is a nurse at our facility with a year more experience who gets paid $2/hr less. I think it's unfair. I think my cousin was right!
    The staffing is bad right now and I think pay trends need to be more equitable.
  9. by   C A devaney
    Originally posted by kbajorek:
    Originally posted by natbrat:
    What are some common nursing salaries for ER, Med surg, OR ICCU
    Highs and lows
    I work in Pa State correctional facility and started at $19.75/hr. plus .90 shift diferential

    Indian Health Service, a government agency pays its nurses in Chinle Az ( to start)$34,898 for a new grad, $43,170 for an RN with one year experance, and $43,170 for specialy nurses such as ER. This is to start. There is 10% eve. diff. 25% sunday diff. Housing and utilities are tax deductable as staff have to live in governement housing. sounds like our nurses are better paid then some other areas.

  10. by   shands5690
    Originally posted by kbajorek:
    Originally posted by natbrat:
    What are some common nursing salaries for ER, Med surg, OR ICCU
    Highs and lows
    I work in Pa State correctional facility and started at $19.75/hr. plus .90 shift diferential

    I work in a neonatal intensive care unit level III in northeast florida. I started out at $15.00/hour. I was shocked. I had worked as a respiratory therapist making $18.00 after six years. I thought nurses especially in a critical care field would make more. What is the problem. I feel we are not being compensated. I love my job but it would be nice to make more. :confused.
  11. by   dianee
    I work as a hospital education nurse in sunny Nevada, and I make $26.00/hr. The staff nurses start between $20.00-$25.00/hr depending on experience. Our cost of living is higher than many places in the West though. The tougher it gets for us to hire nurses, the higher the salaries go. I think that the nursing shortage is really going to help administrators to see that the ONLY reason patients need to actually be in a hospital is for nursing care, and they better be prepared to pay us...
  12. by   NYERRN
    New York, NY July 2000
    They're paying ER nurses $38.50/hr.
  13. by   lita1857
    NYERRN, just curious...are they passing out bullet-proof vests or are the working conditions soooo bad they had to hike the money to get anyone to work?? I know it's not because they suddenly realized how valuable nursing is!!!!