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  1. Hi guys SO I am new at posting forgive me if I missed the nursing ratios forum? Is there one? Per the requirements of a recent class project I have been up until the wee hours of the night working on a policy paper project. I have never really been one to get actively involved with legislation or politics at all for that manner, but this has really grabbed me, as I am sure it has all of you. If it hasn't it should. Not only does AB 394 impact our careers, it impacts our friends, our families, and perhaps us one day should we be the patient instead of the nurse. As I am sure most of you know recent media postings have been inundated with information on nurse staffing ratios, you should check it out. THe recent court descision on March 5th regarding the illegality of governor Arnolds freezing of the nurse staffing ratios was a true victory for our proffession, a time to celebrate and join together in order to assure its continued advancement. The ability to decrease the amount of overtime required, personalize patient care, and improve patient outcomes can not be overlooked. Both the CNA website and the ANA website have great updates and current press releases on the most up to date information associated with the nurse staffing laws if your interested. For those of you who are already educated on AB 394 its time to get involved and for those of you who aren't eduacted its time to start learning. You can do so by tlaking in forums, writing letters to your local legislators, contacting the governer, writting letters to the editor, joining protests, and so forth - so there's no excuses. Please join in the fight to save our patients, improve the quality of our care, and save ourselves from rapid burnout and routine overtime. ANy comments, questions, resources or so forth that you may contribute??
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