Nursing Instructors: good or bad?

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    I have been reading the posts for the past couple of days about nursing instructors, competency, and personality conflicts. I feel bad for everyone on this thread who has ever had a bad experience with an instructor, but so far, my personal experience has been a very positive one. Granted I am only into my 3rd month of nursing school, but the instructors at my school have been very supportive, even if we have made an error. (Although I have only administrated meds once and I did fine), but I didn't report when one of my patients had a blood pressure of 167/90 because my nurse said that was normal for her.
    But after reading these posts, I am genuinely scared as to what I would do if I was ever confronted with someone who had a personal beef with me. I would like to think that I do not have the type of personality that many people conflict with, but I am known to be difficult because I speak out too much.
    I would just like to here more anecdotal examples as to how people dealt with their clinical instructors and what they did to improve the situation!


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  3. by   Nurse GOODNIGHT
    In my experience they are genuinely supportive but I have seen a PREFERENCE for the students that express the I am ignorant/know nothing/please fill me up with your knowledge. As a general rule, older students/students with multiple degrees/outside knowledge and opinions are not treated as well. Perhaps a hint about how to better technique on a procedure might be given to a "lesser" (read submissive above) student as opposed to a student more outspoken who is threatening to the "very lucky to have graduated as a nurse teacher." I have also see instructors definitely play favorites and give "hints" about upcoming exams to some and not others. By and large the "more seasoned" nurses who graduated some time ago were not required to have the same academic level of knowledge that is required today IMHO. You might not have run into a teacher yet that approximates this stereotype but I have seen this often and bears looking out for as you will see them sooner or later.
    BTW, liked your post about animals in the other thread.