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  1. HI My name is Adria and I will be starting my nursing clinicals this fall. I live in Indianapolis and was wondering if there were any nurses on this forum that work in Indianapolis, In. What is the best Hospital to work at in Indianapolis and why?
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  3. by   majrn
    Hi Adria, congrats on starting clinicals, hasnt been too many years ago that I was in your shoes. I work at Community North Hospital, have for 15 yrs, started there as a student extern my senior yr. I am, however, biased to Community because it is the only place I have worked as a nurse. I like Community because I do not feel like a number there, I have managers with "open-door"policy and "open-mind" attitudes. It is a big city hospital with a small town feel if you will. I am sure that not all managers at Community could live up to the accolades of those that I have worked under in the last 15 yrs but...Community cares about its employees, not just its nurses. Ratios on the med/onc floor that I work on are good. 4:1 on days, 5:1 on eves, and max 8:1 on nights, if there is a pod(meaning an RN and LPN work a team of pts) the pod takes 7or 8pts. I hope that the school that you attend comes to Community North for clinicals because then you could experience it for yourself. Good luck in clinicals, have a fun summer. Feel free to pm me if you have other questions. --Julie